Flying to the German Alps

Munich, Stuttgart and lesser known Friedrichschafen and Memmingen airports are all well placed for those wishing to travel to the German Alps by air.

There are currently direct flights from a range of UK airports, including Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Leeds/Bradford, Newcastle and Manchester while Lufthansa opened up a new route from Southampton to Munich in April 2016. Salzburg and Innsbruck in neighbouring Austria also make excellent entry points for onward travel to the Bavarian Alps.  

Click on the airport name in the table below for information on onward travel.

Who flies where in the German Alps

Airport Code Airport Direct UK Flights
FDH Friedrichschafen Bodensee Airport London Gatwick (EZY, BA)
FMM Memmingen (Allgau) Airport London Stansted (FR)
MUC Munich Airport
Birmingham (LH); Bristol (BE, LH); Edinburgh (EZY); Leeds/Bradford (LS); London Gatwick (EZY); London Heathrow (BA, LH); London Luton (EZY); London Stansted (EZY); Manchester (EZY, LH, SQ); Newcastle (LS); Southampton (LH)
STR Stuttgart Airport
Birmingham (BE); Edinburgh (EZY); London Gatwick (EZY); London Heathrow (BA, 4U); London Stansted (4U); Manchester (FR)

EZY EasyJet   BA British Airways   LS   FR Ryanair   BE FlyBe   LH Lufthansa   4U Germanwings   SQ Singapore Airlines

Information correct Winter 2016/17

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