Driving to the Italian Alps

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Driving from the UK to Italy’s resorts in the far north of Lombardy or the Dolomite mountains in the east of the country is a significant undertaking and probably not a viable option for most holidaymakers unless, of course, time is no object.

However, many of Italy’s westerly resorts are readily reached by car from the UK, in particular those in the Aosta Valley region north west of Milan, which are easily accessed via the 11.6km-long Mont Blanc Tunnel from Chamonix - information and tolls

Further south the cluster of resorts in the Piedmont mountains west of Turin are also easily accessed by road via the Fréjus Tunnel from France or the N94 over the mountain pass from Briançon.

Below is a list of the main regulations for those intending to drive to Italy.

Speed limits 
Built up areas 50km/h 
Outside built up areas: minor roads 90km/h; major roads 110 km/h; motorways 130 km/h
In the event of rain on snow, the limit is lowered to 110km/h on motorways and 90km/h on trunk roads.
Numerous speed cameras have been installed throughout the road and motorway network to keep electronic checks on speed. 

Vehicles are required to carry:
Warning triangle 
Spare tyre
Extinguisher (recommended)
Reflective safety jacket. This must be used outside towns and villages in the event of stopping during the night or in poor visibility conditions, or when stopping on emergency lanes or lay-bys. 

Driving regulations
The use of seat belts in front and rear seats (provided the vehicle is fitted with them) is compulsory
Dipped headlights must be used on two-lane motorways
When driving through towns and villages, the horn may be sounded only in the event of an emergency
Trams and trains have right of way 
On three-lane motorways, the lane on the right is reserved for slow vehicles and vehicles that are not overtaking 
At crossings, vehicles approaching from the right always have right of way
In line with the European average, driving is not permitted with a blood alcohol content above 0.5g per litre

More hints and tips for driving in Italy

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