Driving to the Liechtenstein Alps

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The suggested drive time from London to Malbun is 11.5 hours (700 miles) via France and Switzerland. There are no customs controls between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

Although you do not need a toll sticker to use the roads in Liechtenstein, if you plan to travel via the motorways in Switzerland or Austria remember you must purchase and display the appropriate motorway vignette on the windscreen or face large on-the-spot fines in these countries. 

See below for further regulations about driving in Liechtenstein.

Winter driving
Snow tyres are not compulsory; however vehicles which are not equipped to travel through snow and which impede traffic are liable to a fine.

Vehicles must carry snow chains.  These must be used where signs indicate and must be fitted on at least two drive wheels.

Cars must carry the following safety equipment:
Warning triangle – must be kept within easy reach (not in the boot) and must be used in any breakdown or emergency situation
Spare bulb kit and first-aid kit (recommended)
Speed limits
Built-up areas 50km/h
Outside built-up areas 80km/h
Dual carriageways and semi-motorways 100km/h
Motorways 120km/h

Other regulations
Seat belts are required for all passengers in the front and rear. Children under 7 years old are not allowed to sit in the front seat.
You must use dipped headlights when driving through tunnels. It is also recommended you use them during the day when driving.
During the day, you must sound your horn before going round a sharp bend with limited visibility. In the same situation at night, you must flash your headlights.
It is illegal to use any radar detection equipment. You must deactivate the fixed speed camera function on any GPS navigation system.

More information about driving in Liechtenstein.

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