Flying to the Swiss Alps

Geneva is without a doubt the busiest entry hub for those wishing to access the Alps by air. Served by over 30 routes from 23 UK airports, its central location and first-class public transport system and excellent road network make it a popular choice with travellers not only to Switzerland but also to France, Germany, Austria and Italy. Zurich and Bern also provide excellent entry points to resorts in the north and west of Switzerland. 

Even closer to some of Switzerland's biggest name resorts, and just 30 minutes drive from the 4 Vallees, lesser-known Sion is set to be back on the UK skiers' map next season (2017/18) with the introduction of direct flights from six UK hubs by ski-focused airline PowdAir. Flights will launch in December 2017. Swiss will also be resuming its flights from Heathrow to Sion from February 3-24 2018.

Click on the airport name in the table below for information on onward travel. NB Please note, some flights are seasonal only and do not operate all year.

Who flies where in the Swiss Alps

Airport Code Airport Direct UK Flights
BRN Bern Airport

London City (SX)

GVA Geneva Airport
Aberdeen (EZY); Belfast (EZY); Birmingham (EZY, BE); Bournemouth (EZY); Bristol (EZY); Cardiff (BE); East Midlands (LS); Edinburgh (EZY, LS); Exeter (BE); Glasgow (EZY, LS); Inverness (EZY); Isle of Man (BE); Leeds/Bradford (EZY, LS); Liverpool (EZY); London City (BA, LX); London Gatwick (EZY, BA, LX, ZB); London Heathrow (BA, LX); London Luton (EZY); London Southend (EZY); London Stansted (EZY); Manchester (EZY, LS); Newcastle (EZY); Southampton (BE)
LUG Lugano Airport No
SIR Sion Airport Bristol (PowdAir); Edinburgh (PowdAir); London Heathrow (LX); London Luton (PowdAir); London Southend (PowdAir); Manchester (PowdAir); Southampton (PowdAir)
ZRH Zurich Airport Birmingham (LX); London City (BA, LX); London Gatwick (EZY, LX); London Heathrow (BA, LX); London Luton (EZY); Manchester (LX)

EZY EasyJet   BA British Airways   LS    BE FlyBe   LX Swiss   SX SkyWork Airlines

Information correct Winter 2016/17

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