Flying to the French Alps

France is the most popular skiing destination for UK travellers and there’s a good choice of direct UK flights to the main entry hubs in the French Alps, from where you can travel onward to your destination by rental car or a by a growing number of ski shuttle coach transfers. Geneva in Switzerland, with its excellent onward rail connections, as well as rental car and coach options, also serves as an excellent entry hub for the French Alps. Alternatively, the resorts of Briancon/Serre Chevalier and Montgenèvre, nestled close to the Italian border, can be accessed via Turin airport either by the good N94 road across the mountains or by train and bus from Turin. 

Click on the airport name in the table below for information on onward travel.

Who flies where in the French Alps

Airport Code Airport Direct UK Flights


Basel Mulhouse Freiberg Airport

Bristol (EZY); Edinburgh (EZY); London City (SX); London Gatwick (EZY); London Heathrow (BA); London Luton (EZY); London Stansted (FR); Manchester (EZY)

CMF Chambéry Savoie Airport Birmingham (BE); Cardiff (BE); Doncaster/Sheffeld (BE); Exeter (BE); London City (BA); London Stansted (BA); Manchester (BE); Norwich (BE); Southampton (BE)
GNB Grenoble Isère Airport Birmingham (EZY); Bristol (EZY); East Midlands (LS); Edinburgh (EZY); Glasgow (LS); Leeds/Bradford (LS); Liverpool (EZY); London Gatwick EZY); London Luton (EZY); London Stansted (EZY, FR); Manchester (LS); Newcastle (LS)
LYS Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport Belfast (EZY, BE); Birmingham (BE); Bristol (EZY); Edinburgh (EZY); London Gatwick (EZY, BA); London Heathrow (BA); London Luton (EZY); London Southend (EZY); Manchester (EZY, LS, BE); Southampton (BE)
NCE Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
Bristol (EZY); Edinburgh (EZY); Leeds/Bradford (LS); Liverpool (EZY); London City (BA); London Gatwick (EZY, BA); London Heathrow (BA); London Luton (EZY); London Stansted (EZY); Manchester (LS); Newcastle (EZY)
SBX Strasbourg Airport no (although French airline flyKiss operate a direct flight with stop off to London Luton meaning you don't have to disembark or re-check baggage en route)

EZY EasyJet   BA British Airways   LS   FR Ryanair  BE FlyBe   SX Skywork Airlines

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