Flying to the Italian Alps

Italy’s alpine resorts are scattered right across the north of the country and fall into four distinct groups, so where you fly to depends largely on which resort you’re heading for.

The Aosta Valley resorts, north of Turin are probably the most accessible, with good connections from Turin and Milan airports. They can also be reached from Geneva via the Mont Blanc Tunnel or from elsewhere in Switzerland via the Grand St Bernard Tunnel. 

Further south, Turin makes an excellent entry point for the Piedmont mountains in the west. The resorts here are also easily reached from Geneva in Switzerland or Chambéry and Grenoble in France via the Fréjus Tunnel or the N94 over the mountain pass from Briançon. 

Travelling east, the scattered resorts of Lombardy are among Italy’s remotest. Bergamo airport provides the quickest access, with the closest resorts just an hour’s drive away and a popular choice with passengers just looking for a few days on the snow, although many are considerably further. Alternatively, they can be reached by way of a fairly lengthy drive from Milan or Verona airports. 

East again, the Dolomites can easily be reached from Austria’s Innsbruck Airport over the Brenner Pass, while Verona, Treviso and Venice also make good entry points.

Click on the airport name in the table below for information on onward travel.

Who flies where in the Italian Alps

Airport Code Airport Direct UK Flights
BGY Bergamo Airport
Belfast (FR); Bristol (FR); East Midlands (FR); London Stansted (FR); Manchester (FR)
BZO Bolzano Airport No
VBS Brescia Airport No
LIN Milan Linate Airport
London City (AZ); London Gatwick (EZY); London Heathrow (BA)
MXP Milan Malpensa Airport
Birmingham (BE); Cardiff (BE); Edinburgh (EZY); Glasgow (EZY); London Gatwick (EZY); London Heathrow (BA); London Luton (EZY); London Stansted (FR); Manchester (EZY, BE)
TSF Treviso (Canova) Airport
East Midlands (FR); London Stansted (FR) 
TRS Trieste Airport London Stansted (FR)
TRN Turin Airport
Bristol (EZY); Edinburgh (LS); London Gatwick (EZY, BA); London Luton (EZY); London Stansted (FR); Manchester (EZY, LS)
VCE Venice Marco Polo Airport
Bristol (EZY, FR); Edinburgh (EZY, LS); Leeds/Bradford (LS); London City (BA); London Gatwick (EZY, BA); London Heathrow (BA); London Luton (EZY); London Southend (EZY); Manchester (EZY, LS)
VRN Verona (Villafranca) Airport
Birmingham (FR); East Midlands (LS); Edinburgh (LS); Leeds/Bradford (LS); London Gatwick (EZY, BA); London Stansted (FR)

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